Conformation Events

PSESSA’S 2012 Specialty will be held on August 17th at the King County Fairgrounds, offering conformation, obedience and rally!  Please join us for a wonderful day of springers, meeting old friends and making new ones.   Below is our premium list for our 2012 Specialty in a PDF file:


If you are interested in purchasing a springer puppy, this is a great show to come meet reputable breeders.  Puppies are not allowed to be sold on show grounds, but you may certainly meet potential sire and dams, and learn about upcoming litters.


Puppy Sweepstakes Judge: Donna Clark

Best puppy: TOPSAIL JACK BLACK & WRIGHT. SR62684402. 4/30/10. Brdr: Tobi Hensley,Randy Sutton,Jocelyn Higa-Sutton, SILVERHILL STRAYCAT STRUT – AVONLEAH BEWITCHED AT TRADEWINDS. Owners: Gary Wright,Joleen Wright

Best Opposite Sex: KISMET GALFOX RIDGEWYN PRECIOUS CARGO. SR64133702. 6/28/10. Brdr: John Naimo,Libby Naimo, RIDGEWYN GALFOX LIFE IS GOOD @ KISMET – CH KISMET SIMPLY IRRESISTABLE. Owners: Wendy Galbreath,Cherrie Spring,John Naimo,Libby Naimo

Veteran Sweepstakes

Best in Veteran Sweeps: CH DARKOVER CAN’T YA HEAR ME CALLIN’. SR06295804. 2/3/03. Brdr: Bobbie Daniel, Kathleen Snyder, CH THORNLODGE I LOVE TROUBLE – KAWIN’S JOYFUL MOMENTS. Owners: Bobbie Daniel,Desiree ArnouxAgent: Tobi Hensley

Best Opposite in Veteran Sweeps: CH RAMBLEWOOD THERE’S YOUR TROUBLE. SN88498903. 12/3/01. Brdr: Theresa E Miller,Linda Riedel, CH SALILYN’S TURBULANCE – CH RAMBLEWOOD TAPESTRY. Owners: Pamela Holt,Theresa E Miller,Linda RiedelAgent: Jackie Ross AKC Registered Handler

Regular Classes  Judge: Jerry Watson

Reserve Winner’s Dog: TOPSAIL JACK BLACK & WRIGHT. SR62684402. 4/30/10. Brdr: Tobi Hensley,Randy Sutton,Jocelyn Higa-Sutton, SILVERHILL STRAYCAT STRUT – AVONLEAH BEWITCHED AT TRADEWINDS. Owners: Gary Wright,Joleen Wright

Winner’s Dog: GLENEIRE’S I’M STUCK ON YOU. SR60055601. 10/17/08. Brdr: Bertie Nielson, PAWMARC’S AMBASSADOR TO GLENEIRE – SPRINGWEST GLENEIRE ALL THAT JAZ. Owners: Sheila Walker,Bertie Nielson

 Reserve Winner’s Bitch: BLACKPEARLS HIGH FELUTIN PAWMARC. SR58088601. 7/26/09. Brdr: Buffie Gonzales, CH PAWMARC’S MOONLIGHT SEDUCTION – RAMBLEWOOD BLACKPEARL LADY . Owners: Buffie Gonzales

Winner’s Bitch, Best of Winners, Best Bred-by Exhibitor: G&J’S APACHE SPIRITS. SR51460301. 8/10/08. Brdr: Gary Sturm,Jan Sturm, ESSPECIAL MOONLITE EXPRESS – CH ESSPECIAL’S MAGENA MOON. Owners: Jan Sturm,Gary Sturm

BEST OF BREED: GCH Wil-Orion’s Twenty Twenty. SR41569701. 3/30/07. Brdr: Janice L Johnson,Erica R Johnson, CH Wil-Orion’s Northen Exposure – CH Wil-Orion’s Past, Present ‘N Future. Owners: Lauire Green,Erline Jesseman,Janice L Johnson,Erica R JohnsonAgent: Jody Paquette (Dog)

BEST OPPOSITE SEX: CH AVONLEAH BEWITCHED AT TRADEWINDS. SR29357507. 9/9/05. Brdr: Randy Sutton,Tobi Hensley,Jocelyn Higa-Sutton, ESSPECIAL MOONLITE EXPRESS – CH PAWMARC’S OUR BLESSING JESSE. Owners: Randy Sutton,Tobi Hensley,Jocelyn Higa-SuttonAgent: Randy Sutton (Bitch)


CH MAR-RIC SIR JACKSON STONEWALL. SR48306803. 1/23/08. Brdr: Mary Batson,Rick Perkins, CH SALILYN’S TURBULANCE – CH MAR-RIC MONEY TALKS. Owners: Barbara Stonewall,Gary StonewallAgent: Erin Winton (Dog)

CH RAMBLEWOOD HELLO DARLIN’. SR45966207. 10/23/07. Brdr: Theresa E. Miller, Linda Riedel, CH RAMBLEWOOD JOHNNY B. GOODE – CH RAMBLEWOOD WISH UPON A STAR. Owners: Theresa E. Miller,Linda Riedel (Bitch) 

Best Puppy: PAWMARC N’ DARKOVER SAVING GRACE. SR64772001. 10/20/10. Brdr: Pat Wilaby Jansen,Bobbie Daniel, CH DARKOVER CAN’T YA HEAR ME CALLIN – CH PAWMARC’S TWILIGHT DAZZLE. Owners: Pat Wilaby Jansen,Bobbie Daniel


CH BONDIR’S VICTORIE EN VOL, RN. SR39971903. 7/1/06. Brdr: Lynn Dorsay, Barb Dorsay, Anne Dorsay, CH HILCREST NAMTN KOCRK CANVAS,VCD1,RA,MH,AX,AXJ – BONDIR’S GAMINE GEORGINE, RN. Owners: Kevin Griffith,Judith Griffith (Spaniels, English Springer)

RALLY OBEDIENCE Judge: Jim Thomson

Novice B 1st: DONAHAN’S LIBERTY OF CEDAR. SR54481805. 1/3/09. Brdr: Laurie Kenny,Carol Callahan, CH BRYDEN FARWELL SON ALSO RISES – DONAHAN’S ITS ALL IN THE JEANS CD RA. Owners: Pat Wells,Sharon Essex (Spaniels, English Springer)

Advanced B 1st: CH CASCADIAN’S TOUCH THE SKY MX MXJ XF RE CD. SR08825609. 5/13/03. Brdr: Richard Leininger, Carol A. Jansen, CH VANITY FAIR’S ARTFUL DODGER CD TD – CASCADIAN’S KU CONEXION. Owners: Carol A Jansen (Spaniels, English Springer)

Excellent B 1st place: RAMBLEWOOD EVERYDAY BUDDY. SR59133408. 10/28/09. Brdr: Theresa E Miller,Linda Riedel, RAMBLEWOOD MY WAY AT GLENEIRE – CH RAMBLEWOOD EVERGREEN. Owners: Vickie McMaken,Rick McMaken (Spaniels, English Springer)

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